Fall Course Schedule

Fall 2016

Viticulture & Enology Schedule of Classes

Hybrid (50/50 Internet/Classroom) Offerings

FDST 1323 – Principles of Viticulture I (Tuition based on residency) Continuation of FDST 1323. Designed for training students entering the field of viticulture and enology in the economic and scientific principles of vineyard management practices including irrigation, mineral and carbohydrate nutrition, flower development and fruit set, viral and fungal diseases, and insect control. Prerequisite: FDST 1323 or instructor’s consent.

Class Dates: Aug 20 & 21, Oct. 1 & 2 Saturday/Sunday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

FDST 2319 – Principles of Enology II (Tuition based on residency) Designed for training students entering the field of viticulture and enology in the history and development of the wine industry; factors affecting wine quality; winemaking operations including harvest, scheduling, crushing, fermentation, and record keeping.

Class Dates: Aug. 27 & 28, Oct 22 &23; Saturday/Sunday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

FDST 1370 Grapevine Biology. (Tuition based on residency)  (2-3-3). The study of grapevine biology including taxonomy, distribution, morphology, physiology, genetics, and improvement. (R)

Class Dates: Aug 13 & 14,  Nov 5 & 6; Saturday/Sunday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

FDST 2371 Grape and Wine Chemistry. (Tuition based on residency)  (2-3-3). An overview of the chemistry of grapes and wine with a focus on the impact of viticultural and enological factors. Topics include acids, sugars, phenolics, fermentation end- products, additives, winemaking units and calculations, and soil chemistry. (R)

Class Dates: Oct 15 & 16, Dec 17 & 18; Saturday/Sunday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

FDST 2433 Wine Types and Sensory Evaluation. (Tuition based on residency) (3-3-4). A study of the major types of wines with an emphasis on the development of sensory evaluation techniques. (R)

Class Dates: Nov. 19 & 20; Saturday/Sunday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

Self Study Offerings

AGMG 1291 – Coordinated Work Experience (Tuition based on residency) Students who have completed Viticulture I, II and Enology I, II are eligible to enroll in class. Contact instructor prior to enrollment to discuss topic of coursework.


Fall 2016 Book List:

FDST 2433

Author:                  Jackson
Title:                   Wine Tasting
Publisher:               Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Edition:                 2nd
ISBN:                    9780080921099

FDST 2371

No text

FDST 1370

Author:                  Nicholas
Title:                   Soil, Irrigation and Nutrition
Publisher:               Winetitles
Edition:                 2
ISBN:                    1875130403

FDST 2319

Author:                  Margalit
Title:                   Winery Technology & Operations
Publisher:               Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited
ISBN:                    9780932664662

FDST 1323

Author:                  Weaver
Title:                   Grape Growing
Publisher:               John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
ISBN:                    9780471923244